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3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth? You may be trying to decide what replacement procedure is best for you; dental implants, dentures or maybe even another option. When it comes to choosing, we always recommend dental implants. Dental Implants are a permanent solution to a lost tooth (or teeth) and have many benefits over some of your other options. […]

3 Pros For Getting Veneers

Veneers; the shortcut to a beautiful, glistening, white, smile! Made of porcelain, veneers are thin covers that attach to your enamel, providing a flawless yet natural look to your teeth. Aside from the picture-perfect smile that veneers provide, there is a plethora of other reasons as to why they’re such an optimal choice. That being […]

Winter Oral Health Tips

    Winter is here and with it, comes the drastic change of weather! The cold temperatures are fun in theory, but what about the toll it takes on your health? Often times cold weather brings on a variety of pesky problems, like dry skin and irritated throats. But, the problems don’t stop there. In […]

What Does Good Oral Hygiene Really Mean?

Instilling a healthy and consistent oral hygiene routine does more than wonders on your smile, it keeps your mouth healthy and disease free. One of the best ways to avoid any damage to your teeth and mouth is to take small, preventative actions daily. As mundane and small as these gestures seem in the moment, […]

What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

Missing teeth? No problem. A dental implant is a way to replace an empty void that may be leaving you self-conscious about your smile. Whether the vacant spot is due to a sports injury, facial trauma, or limited periodontal conditions, it can fill the vacancy permanently and give you a boost of confidence. Our overall […]

Dental tips for a healthy Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun, tricks, and best of all TREATS! It can be hard to avoid sweet temptations, especially with the amount of leftover candy that accumulates after the big day. While eating candy on Halloween is perfectly fine, it is important to have a game plan in order to not go overboard. […]

Palliser Dental Excels in New Technology Unlike Anything Around

The Evidence Shows that DEXIS is the BEST Digital X-ray System Available Recently Paul A. Palliser, DDS PC has begun using a new system, the digital DEXIS CariVu Detection device which will further enhance all of our existing services. Quite simply, it helps us diagnose caries at an early stage.  DEXIS CariVu™ is a compact, […]

Tooth Bleaching (Whitening) Treatment Considerations for Patient

In the past few decades, the popularity of tooth bleaching, or tooth whitening, as some people call the treatment has grown into one of the most popular dental treatments.   Tooth bleaching has developed into three main categories: In-office (professionally applied) Home-use (prescribed and dispensed by dentist) and Over-the-counter (OTC) consumer purchased products.   The OTC […]

Paul A. Palliser Providing Veterans Donated Dental Care

Press Release – Paul A. Palliser DDS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 9, 2017 CONTACT: Dr. Paul Palliser Paul A. Palliser DDS 700 W Main St, Cary, IL 60013 8476393031 [email protected] Paul A. Palliser Providing Veterans Donated Dental Care Cary, IL, November 9, 2017– Dr. Palliser and his team at Paul A. Palliser DDS, a dental practice […]

Over-the-Counter Whitening vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening

Over-the-Counter Whitening vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening A whiter, brighter smile is often associated with youth, warmth, and happiness. It also has a large effect on how society will view you. According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 99.7% of adults view a smile as being the most important social […]