Paul A. Palliser Providing Veterans Donated Dental Care

Press Release – Paul A. Palliser DDS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 9, 2017

Dr. Paul Palliser

Paul A. Palliser DDS

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Paul A. Palliser Providing Veterans Donated Dental Care

Cary, IL, November 9, 2017– Dr. Palliser and his team at Paul A. Palliser DDS, a dental practice in Cary, IL, are volunteering for the Illinois State Dental Society’s “Illinois Dentists Salute” initiative.

Being a proud member of the Illinois State Dental Society. The Palliser team have set aside several appointments to treat the selfless men and women who served our country.  The event is taking place this Veterans Day Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Paul A. Palliser dental office located at 700 W Main St, Cary, IL.


Illinois State Dental Society has been working with the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs to promote the event. The Department of Veterans Affairs sent information out to all Veteran Service Officers throughout the State in 80 counties, Veterans’ Homes, and posted information on their websites and their social media pages.

The team is very honored that ISDS has helped to fill their schedule with Vets.  Please join Dr. Palliser and his team in thanking all veterans for their selfless service to our country this Veterans Day.

For more information, please visit https://www.paulpalliserdds.comor call 847-639-3031.

ABOUT Paul A. Palliser DDS– Dr. Paul A. Palliser is a resident of Cary and has been practicing dentistry in the Cary community and adjoining Trout Valley since 1990. Highly educated and well trained, graduating in 1988 from Loyola University Dental School & he continues to receive further education through FDI internationally & ADA nationally.

As a general family dentist in Cary, IL, Dr. Palliser focuses on preventative dentistry, dental implants, restorations and cosmetic dentistry among many other services.