Goodbye Gag Reflex, Anxiety & Embarrassment!

In 10 seconds, eliminate the gag reflex and have your best dentist visit ever. We know while 8% of patients report severe gag reflex every time they visit, up to 50% of patients have had at least one such stressful episode. They might be uncomfortable talking about it, or
even avoid procedures due to the anxiety. This can lead to compounding issues, pain, costs, and degraded systemic health.

Our practice is unique, the NoGag experience provides a stress-free procedure. No matter
if the gag reflex is mild or severe, the best visits are NoGag visits.

Great for patient care, NoGag helps us create a Patient for Life experience!

• Safe for all ages.
• Allergen free.
• Works in 10 seconds, provides a stress-free procedure for 60 minutes

How Does NoGag Work? 

NoGag Works with Nerve 9 in the mouth to create a biochemical trick.  By making the brain think it is swallowing food, the gag reflex is suppressed.  It is not a numbing spray and has no allergens or age restrictions.